Sapindus Essential Shower Gel


8.4 FL OZ/250 mL
Price: $19.00


Mal’ak Sapindus Essential Shower Gel is a mild body cleanser specially tailored for children. The shower gel is prepared from a spectrum of top-grade premium ingredients, including handpicked soapberry peel extract, coco-glucoside and decyl-glucoside - all from naturally collected, raw materials. This all-natural formula is a perfect replacement for traditional chemical-based products, and delivers even better cleaning for children’s skin. Combine with the Mal’ak Supreme Moisturizer for further, more improved skin conditioning and protection.

Directions: Place shower gel on palm with water, rub together to create foam, and gently apply over the body. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Features and Benefits

The Mal’ak shower gel contains several gentle yet effective botanicals: The soapnut shell extract delivers deep cleaning to the body; the decyl glucoside and propanediol from naturally produced corns offer a powerful blend of hydration and protection. Together these ingredients bring visible benefit to skin. The all-natural, green formula negates harsh chemicals, like sulfates or surfactants, commonly seen in other children personal care products, which could result in damage to young skin over time.

Key Ingredients