Mal'ak natural announced strategic partnership with JolliKidz Club

Sep. 15, 2010 . Mal'ak Natural, LLC ( and JolliKidz Club ( proudly announced their partnership this week, bringing Mal'ak Natural’s state-of-the-art all natural children personal care products to the customers in the greater China region. First founded by a group of young parents and inspired by the belief their children deserve better-quality products, JolliKidz is now one of the leading retailers in the upscale children-related market in Hong Kong, carrying a series of European branded fashion clothes and accessories for children. With its successful records in new product promotion, JolliKidz fits perfectly in Mal'ak Natural’s global expansion strategy. The unparalleled quality from Mal'ak Natural will also help elevate JolliKidz’s status as a high-end kid’s specialist. Both companies are quite confident in such partnership, and see initial marketing campaign for Mal'ak Natural’s products in the coming months.