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Mal’ak Products Approved by the Natural Product Association

Mar. 15, 2012. The Natural Product Association has recently released its latest list of NPA certified personal care products. All three products submitted to NPA for evaluation late last year by Mal’ak Natural, LLC, the Gentle Facial Cleanser, Supreme Moisturizer and Supreme Outdoor Lotion, have been approved to the list, and permission to use the NPA-certified seal has been granted.

Mal'ak Natural’s Hong Kong Debut Saw Initial Success

Nov. 20, 2010.  Thanks to the great efforts and preparations by JolliKidz, strategic partner of Mal'ak Natural, the company’s full product line has become available in the Hong Kong retail market. Products have been released in four shopping malls in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island since early November with localized packaging and company brochures. The local customers have shown great interest in Mal'ak Natural products as they crowded the sales counter for more details from the sales representatives, and provided valuable feedbacks.

Mal'ak natural announced strategic partnership with JolliKidz Club

Sep. 15, 2010 . Mal'ak Natural, LLC ( and JolliKidz Club ( proudly announced their partnership this week, bringing Mal'ak Natural’s state-of-the-art all natural children personal care products to the customers in the greater China region.

Children are vulnerable

Jul. 15, 2010.  Children are not little adults. Their small, developing bodies receive greater exposures by weight than adults to contaminants in air, water, food, and everyday products. In addition, their immature metabolism and organ systems are typically less capable of fending off chemical assaults. And subtle damage to developing bodies that does not trigger immediate health effects may lead to disease later in life.

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